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Predictable osseointegation, healthy soft tissues, simple and durable components and superstuctures, versatility, cost effectivity, straight forward operation technique, esthetic results -these are often mentioned among clinicians.

The Osteofix dental implant system is based on a scientific documentation dealing with materials, surface charasteristics and mechanical durability. Also the experience of the clinicians has been kept in mind when designing the Osteofix dental implant system.

The surface of the implant is sandblasted with corund grits to improve the integration between bone and the implant. The neck of the implant is electrically polished to give an extremely smooth surface. This unique treatment helps epithelial cells to seal the "locus minoris" on this marginal area and also prohibits the accumulation of plague around the neck of the implant

The profile around the neck of the Osteofix implant is conical to ensure the primary stability for succesful osseointegration. The screw profile is rounded on the crest an asymmentical to give better support against occlusal forces. The conical shape of connecting components has proven to be very durable design for superstructures.

Versatility, cost effectivity and a straight forward operation procedure goes hand in hand with the Osteofix dental implants. The variety of components is limited to as few as possible and at the same time the variety of the use of one components as wide as possible, in this way the need for many different kinds of instruments is avoided. The clinicians can chooce their either screw retained or cemented superstructures. A very helpful detail in esthetics is the possibility of grinding the shoulder of the implant to change its place behind the gingival crest when superstructures are made in critical areas.

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