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is a high-tech company founded 1990. It developes, manufactures and sells medical and dental devices: dental implants and instruments, miniplates and miniscrews for maxillofacial fracture treatment and orthopedic implants. Purpose of Osteofix was to produce high-quality and costeffective dental implants. During years 1991-1995 we manufactured abutments and other secundare components for few established brands like Straumann and Friadent.

The company has a close relationship with the University of Oulu, the Technical Research Centre of Finland and many high-tech supplier firms.


The strategy of the company is to produce high quality medical and dental devices which are designed on the basis of scientific research in this field. On the other hand we want to listen to the clinicians, their opinions, wishes and ideas when developing and improving our products.

In our sortment of products we have also miniplates and -screws but also one orthopedic product; ACL-screw. We started to manufacture our own dental implant 1995.

The key persons responsible for the development of the Osteofix Implant System have a wide practical experience of dental implantology and careers as teachers at the University Dental Clinic. Both surgical and prosthetic expertice has been utilized as well as the theoretical know-how which is available at the University Clinic of Oulu.

Nowadays Osteofix dental implant is used in 8 differend countries including Finland. It has become established brand during last 10 years.

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